• Increased company valuation 35% by developing a detailed business plan to grow a stagnating software and technical services company from $60 million to $190 million with acquisition and organic growth over 5 years.

  • Generated $150 million in new business over 5 years for a $250 million computer technology business by defining and directing development/marketing/sales of 22 value-generating software products.

  • Produced 10% increase in valuation for $250 million engineering firm by defining and managing implementation of plan to streamline/automate engineering work processes and reduce costs 20%.¬†

  • Increased contract profits by 300% and improved on-time delivery from 74% to 99% for a $30 million computer system manufacturer by refining project management, implementing engineering standards and streamlining manufacturing processes

  • Directed development of winning proposals for $50 million and $900 million US Government professional services contracts. ¬†Supervised pro- posal strategy, technical volume, and cost volume. ¬†Performed final editing of proposal.

  • Improved development productivity 250% within one year for a $30 million software company preparing for an IPO by redefining development management processes.

  • Reduced application labor 80% and warranty costs 90% for a major new microprocessor-based product by redirecting development activities from product enhancements to application tools.

  • Increased revenues 40% and profitability 30% for a $12 million technical services business unit by defining a new marketing approach and implementing new sales incentives.

  • Increased technical proposal mailings from $25 to $50 million per month for a $250 million technology business by defining and managing implementation of new training/automation programs.

Selected Results